Changing over to Brave browser

I first heard about brave browser about a year or so ago but didn’t bother getting into it, now I am in.

The only thing that was holding me back is I didn’t want to log into sites again on a new browser (and have to look up my old passwords). Today I changed that and decided to just do it. So now I just open up brave instead of chrome and it didn’t take long for the brave rewards to start coming in. Mind you… a few pennies at a time… but even with mild use on a few days it put $0.25 in my brave rewards wallet. That doesn’t seem like much, but if I used it every day (which I plan to now) I am guessing it will be a few dollars a month.

So that few dollars a month is better than nothing, has the chance to go up over time and the brave browser also blocks ads on websites which is amazing.

Here is a podcast from Modern Finance with the Brave founder:

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