Bram talks Chia Coin (Podcast)

Here is a great podcast of Bram Cohen on Kevin Rose’s podcast; Modern Finance. The podcast was published on March 17, 2021 (on spotify)

In this podcast he gives a whole lotta info about how it works, how it is energy efficient, how it might be better than mining bitcoin and how easily you can set up your own rig for farming…just using your home PC.

Key notes from the podcast:

  1. As of May 4, 2021 there is no minimum transaction fee
  2. Full nodes can run on a desktop
  3. Full nodes space used will grow a few GB per year
  4. Smart contracts are supported using Chialisp
  5. Pooling will becoming available later (there is a not preferred pool or two already operating)
  6. SSD’s plot faster than HDD
  7. It doesn’t matter which type of drive plots are stored on
  8. SSD’s will get destroyed if plotted on for a long time

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